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Security dogs with handlers are the most effective deterrent when used to discourage criminal activity so what are you waiting for?


A trained security dog and handler is the most effective deterrent against criminal activity

Although there are many sophisticated electronic security systems available today, including monitored alarms, CCTV and access control, these systems are far from infallible and often are more useful as evidence after an incident than to prevent the damage being done in the first place.
However, security dogs and handlers in London, Kent and the South East are highly effective in both guarding premises and providing close personal protection. Our professional uniformed handlers and highly trained security dogs are an unbeatable, unique team, which serves also as a formidable deterrent and is the ultimate in security protection.

Not only do our security dogs provide a highly visible, physical deterrent, but should an incident arise our dogs are trained to respond on command to apprehend and restrain the offender until the authorities arrive.
We provide highly trained dogs with uniformed handlers to protect persons, property and premises in a diverse range of circumstances. Our carefully selected dogs have a sound temperament and are trained to meet our demanding standards. All our handlers are in complete control of their dogs at all times.

Security dog and handler patrols provide valuable, efficient, cost-effective protection. One well trained dog and handler can cover the work of three or more security guards, and we can cover very large areas due to the dog's acute sense of smell and hearing abilities, which are invaluable and effective in high-risk situations
Our uniformed security dog handlers are all fully qualified, fully insured and have many years' experience in a variety of security situations. Our guard dogs are full-time working animals selected from the UK, Germany and Belgium for their correct disposition and are extensively trained by us. We mainly use German shepherd dogs, which are known for their courage and intelligence.

Naturally, we treat all our contracts with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

In addition to our security services in London, Kent and the South East we also breed and train our guard dogs on site, and therefore can offer security guard dog training services.

professional, uniformed handlers

HIGHLY trained dogs

fully qualified - fully insured

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